Shainex Air Freight is constantly growing and evolving its business to suit your demand for more dependable and flexible logistics. It enables you to move your time-sensitive, high-value goods quickly to their destination, avoiding any supply chain disruptions caused by overcrowded ports, labor shortages, or limited capacity. Take advantage of Shainex Air Freight as a stand-alone service or combine it with other modes of transportation, warehousing, and customs services. Your supply chain will be boosted in more ways than one.

Our Flexible and Agile Air solutions include:

  • Quick response to issues and Disruptions
  • Better flexibility and reduced inventory costs
  • Seamless and streamlined operational services
  • High reliability on timelines

We are concerned about the security of your precious cargo. We make sure the safety of your goods at all times by providing the greatest security and cargo protection available. Using CCTVs to monitor storage and handling, conducting weight checks at both origin and destination and having comprehensive checklists to monitor your cargo's condition throughout its supply chain journey are all examples of how you can keep track of your cargo's condition.

Priority Air provides an express solution with precisely defined transit times from the airport to airport to meet your top-priority consignment needs.

  • Quickly and thoroughly Delivery in 1-3 days
  • Highly adaptable to your cargo's requirements
  • Easily accessible at the airport destination
  • Access to the national carrier network

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